ISHA Emergency Meeting | 8th of June on Zoom

Dear ISHA members

We will be honest with you, ISHA is not doing great at the moment. In the past years, our well-known schedule of four seminars per year has not been as frequent as in pre-Covid times. We are remembering nostalgically the times when sections were even competing to organise seminars or were so motivated to host an extra seminar or a regional seminar. Those were some great times, we would love to go back.

That is exactly why we are contacting you today. As there are no concrete plans to organise seminars in the near future, we are calling an emergency meeting. We would love to have all our current section boards, previous members of local sections, past ISHA officials, ISHA members scattered across Europe, all that ever have been to an ISHA seminar, …basically everyone who cares about ISHA and wants to see our organisation live on for the future.

What will this meeting be about? First up, we would love to see who is still active and is capable of helping organise any sort of ISHA event in the future or connect us to those who are. Secondly, we want to brainstorm about what type of seminars and events ISHA can organise in the future. We have to look beyond the traditional seminar format that became standard in the past and look for new and more accessible formats for both organisers and participants. Thirdly, we want to explore how we can re-activate the project management committee (PMC) and how both the PMC and ISHA International can take on a more active role in the organisational process and responsibilities to facilitate local ISHA sections who are up for organising a seminar but lack experience and active members.

So, it is crucial that as many people join that are active, and want to share good practices and brainstorm about the future of ISHA be present at this meeting. Please share this message with your ISHA friends and local students that still need to discover ISHA.  We are probably preaching to the choir here, but ISHA is a great opportunity for students to not only experience an academic, international environment, to foster your personal growth and language proficiency while seeing the world, but also to facilitate cultural exchange in Europe and beyond, to keep communication across borders alive and to create an international network with students and early career researchers of the historical sciences. 

We hope to welcome you to this meeting in large numbers and to see many familiar faces, but possibly even some new ones that are motivated to write a new chapter in ISHA’s history.

The first meeting will take place on the 8th of June. The Zoom link can be found here:
Meeting ID: 667 5677 4628

If you cannot attend on the 8th, don’t you worry! Fill out this Doodle and we will set up another meeting later in June:

Application for New Year Seminar 2022 in Helsinki is open!

The application for ISHA New Year Seminar 2022 “Many Faces of Inequality” organised in Helsinki is now open. The application period is from 9th November until the 28th of November 2021. Check out ISHA Helsinki’s website for more information about the topic of the seminar, workshops and programme!

The participation fee for the seminar will be 100€ and it includes the academic and cultural programme, accommodation, public transport tickets in Helsinki and three meals a day.

The application form can be found here or copy-paste to your browser.

The New Officials for 2022!

The Annual Conference organised in Pula is now over. We are very happy it took place and it was wonderful to experience another ISHA seminar amid everything going on this year. We want to thank the organizing committee in Pula for everything; we had a great time and we hope to see you and all the participants again soon at another ISHA seminar!

After the General Assembly and Elections, we are happy to announce the new Official board for the year 2022! 🤩‼️

Here are the new members at the head of the organization:

  • President: Elina Sipilä
  • Vicepresident: Tomislav Romolić
  • Secretary: Charlotte Rottiers
  • Treasurer: Marius Achleitner
  • Council members:
    Julia Gertner, Adrian Waters, Amina Abaspahić
  • Carnival editors: Jeroen Petit and Charlotte Rottiers
  • Archivist: Piotr Budzyński
  • Webmaster: Josip Humjan

A huge thanks to everyone who applied and we wish good luck to everyone in 2022! The mandate of every position will start on the 1st January, 2022. 🍀

P.S. If you have any pictures from the Annual Conference organised in Pula, please send it to us via Instagram or Facebook or you can contact this year’s board or council members of ISHA International!