Applications are open for the New Year’s Seminar 2023!

APPLICATIONS have been opened for the New Year’s Seminar organised in Vienna, Austria on 9-12 February 2023. Applicants have to submit the abstract of their presentation (300-500 words) and a motivation letter (150-300 words). Acceptance letters are mailed out at the start of January.


General Assembly 2022 | 5th December 2022, online

Dear ISHA members, ISHA sections

The General Assembly (GA) will be on Monday, 5th December at 7 pm CET. Check out your section emails for the meeting information!

Remember that in order for your local section to have voting rights at the GA, there needs to be an active member in your section who has paid the annual membership fee after December 2021, since ISHA no longer has section membership fees. 

If someone from your section has not paid the fee this year, please do so before the General Assembly takes place, and send an email declaring who is the delegate from your section at the GA to If no one from your section is able to attend, you can send a proxy vote to another section that is attending the GA. If your section has no active members, you do not have a right to vote. 

If you are registering as an active member for the first time, please fill the active membership form out and send it to after which you are registered as an active member and can act as the delegate for your section. The form is available on the website: 

The call for candidates is also open for the year 2023. You can apply for positions by sending an email or stepping up at the GA: 











Read more about the positions and tasks of the ISHA Officials on our website: