Carnival Vol. 1 /December 1999 /ISHA News 32

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  • Published December 1999
  • ISSN-Number: 1457-1226
  • Editor in Chief:
    • Sakari Saaritsa
  • Editorial Team:
    • Arno Ahosniemi
    • Petri Hakkarainen
    • Kaisa Kaakinen
  • International Relations Coordinator:
    • Jyrki Hakapää
  • Local Editors:
    • Bartek Cichocki (Warsaw)
    • Ionut Epurescu Pascovici (Bucharest)
    • Mario Wimmer (Vienna)
  • Language Consultants:
    • Laura Kauppila
    • Katja Pesari
  • Layout:
    • Eval Ahl
    • Tapio Nurminen
    • Sakari Saaritsa
  • Cover:
    • Mikko-Olavi Sepäla, Jaakko Seppälä
  • Web Edition:
    • Kalle Mäkinen
  • Additional Information:
    • Pages missing from scan: 14-17; 25-26
Author Title of PaperSectionPage numbers
Sakari SaaritsaEditorial3
Sinikukka Saari ISHA Helsinki as the present ISNews4
VariousConference and Seminars, Upcoming Events, Comment by the PresidentNews5-7
Adrian RobuBeing YOUNG in Europe: An ISHA seminar in Roman, July 2000Activity8-9
Christian EggUnder the Holy Slipper: Millennium – an ISHA Seminar in ZürichActivity10-13
Ionut Epurescu PascoviciMillennium: An academic chronicle*Activity14-15
Kaisa KaakinenA Finn in Poland: Some reflections*Activity16-18
Bartek ChichockiThe way we do it in PolandActivity19
Mario Wimmer Popular Auto/biographies: A research report of the Dokumentation lebensgeschichtlicher Aufzeichungen (Documentation Centre for Autobiographical Writings at the Department of Economic and Social History, University of Vienna, AustriaDiscussion20-22
Tapio NurminenLessons of war: New perceptions of armed conflict in recent historiography*Discussion23-25
Tadzio MüllerGlobalization and the welfare state*Discussion26-29
Brooke L. RobertsonThe 1906 “Brownsville Raid”: Texas “reality” and “myth”Articles30-32
Ekaterina BoltounovaRussian military elite as a sign of power: A symbolic justificatin of imperial idea in the early XVIII centuryArticles33-35
Recruitment information and Guidelines for Carnival Contributors36-38
*Missing pages

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The new Official board for 2021!

The ISHA Seminar that organized ISHA Ghent is over and we are more than happy that it was held despite the current situation in the world. We want to thank ISHA Ghent for organizing it and everyone who was a part of this Seminar, no matter if you were a freelancer or a participant. 💙

After the GA, we are happy to announce the new Official board for the year 2021! 🤩‼️

This are the new members at the head of the organization:

  • President: Elina Sipila
  • Vicepresident: Raphael Päbst
  • Secretary: David Kraus
  • Treasurer: Marius Achleitner
  • Council members:
    Adriano Pušnik
    Janez Jan Artič
    Piotr Budzynski
    Tomislav Romolić
  • Carnival editor: Charlotte Rottiers
  • Archivist: Vanessa Goppner
  • Treasury supervision: Jakub Kulis and Blaž Ševo
  • Webmaster: Katja Nadine Passeri

A huge thanks to everyone who applied and we wish good luck to everyone in 2021! The mandate of every position will start on the 1st January, 2021. 🍀

P.S. If you have any pictures from the Seminar, please send it to us via Instagram or Facebook or you can contact Katja Nadine Passeri. We will soon post some pictures for you. 😎