Elections for the new Officials

Dear ISHA member,
as you may have seen, we received an e-mail from our president Blaž Ševo regarding the elections and the application for the new ISHA Official board. The new Officials will be pronounced on the Annual Conference this year at the Seminar in Ghent. But even if you’re not taking part on the seminar, we are strongly encouraging you to apply! 💪
These are the positions for which you can apply: 👇
On our website, you can meet our Official board that is current active: https://ishainternational.wordpress.com/officials/
We will post every day/ every few days more about every position for you, to be familiar with the goals, tasks, and opportunities you will have.
👉 Every active member can elect and be elected, so do not hesitate to send your candidacies to secretary@isha.international with your personal info, preferred position and motivation. The first deadline is 16th of September 2020 at 23:59. 📢 📅 ⏳
If you are a passive member who attended at least one ISHA event, you can reactivate your active membership by paying the 10 euro annual membership fee.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! We’ll answer every question for you. 😎
Good luck and stay tuned!!!
Much love and be safe,
your Webmaster ❣️

Annual Conference in Ghent, Belgium- the Applications are open!

Dear students,

Finally! The applications for the Annual Conference (21-27th September 2020, Ghent) are now open. You can find the application form and the guidelines on our website https://ishaghent.weebly.com/application-form.html. The applications are open until the 10th of May, 23:59h CET.

You will be accepted for the conference based on your general motivation and the quality of your workshop applications. You can find all the information regarding the program and the workshops here: https://ishaghent.weebly.com/annual-conference-2020.html

Local students who wish to participate in the whole conference and want to receive a certificate of attendance are also welcome to apply now. There will be an additional application period from the 3th-10th of July for local students and freelancers.

Please contact us in case you have any questions, remarks, … via Facebook or ac2020.isha@gmail.com.

We hope to welcome you soon in Ghent!
The organising committee & ISHA Ghent

P.S. Please don’t forget to follow our event for more updates on the conference, application deadline and participation list. https://www.facebook.com/events/825897187888899/


Facebook group for the Alumni & PhD Committee

Dear ISHA Alumni

The Alumni & PhD committee created a new Facebookgroup, specifically for ISHA Alumni. The group is informal and closed, so feel free to reminisce, share fun anecdotes, and tell those stories that will remain hilarious time after time. We will start things of with some photo’s from back in the day 😀

We will use the group to share updates for the next Alumni event and our Alumni-merchandising, so add yourself and your ISHA-buddies to the group and stay tuned!

More info you can find under “Get involved” -> PhD Network or Alumni Network 🙂