Thinktank Equality & Inclusion


The Thinktank Equality & Inclusion was established in fall 2020 by a group of motivated and concerned ISHA members.

The goal of the Thinktank Equality and Inclusion is threefold:

·         Firstly, the Thinktank wishes to improve ISHA’s inner workings, recruiting policy, code of conduct and the cohesiveness of its members, both on physical events as online.

·         Secondly, it wants to create a higher awareness of the diversity and uniqueness of our members, and how to facilitate our differences. By providing educational material and teaming up with for example the Training Committee, we want to actively raise awareness and to create a positive environment with mutual respect and empathy between our members.

·         Thirdly, we are open to guide and aid organising committees when planning a seminar. We can help and give advice when needed and assist or even appoint a designated trust person at events. The designated trust person functions as a neutral and objective party in case of problems and conflicts and supervises the compliance with ISHA’s Code of Conduct.

To analyse the current situation and identify problems, opportunities for improvement and good practices, a survey is launched. The survey has three installments, both approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. Participation is fully anonymous, and results will be processed with the utmost discretion. To thank everyone for their contribution, a give-away is organized. More information can be found in the survey itself.

To monitor and continuously re-evaluate ISHA’s policies and inner workings, we aim to relaunch this survey on a regular basis. More information will be provided here on new editions of the survey and reports on the results of previous editions and the decided upon action plan by ISHA to mitigate flagged problems.

Join us?! Interested in joining the Thinktank? Please send a mail with a short introduction of yourself and why you would like to help to We look forward to welcoming you in our team!