Other officials


Matej Samide
(ISHA Berlin)



Hi there, my name is Matej, I have been part of ISHA since 2014 and part of the Council from 2017 to 2018. As the Webmaster of ISHA International I am responsible, among other things, for this website. So if you find any mistakes or have any ideas for improvement, let me know.



Contact: carnival@isha.international

Eric Jeswein
(ISHA Berlin)

EricHi there, my name is Eric, I am a B.A. student of history and “area studies” (Asian/African studies) and have been taking part in ISHA seminars since 2015. Apart from serving as council member and ISHA editor for 2018, where I was focused on acquiring old Carnivals and in the final step uploading them onto our website, I will be editor for the 2019 term.
I am planning to publish a new edition of our own student journal, Carnival, which is an excellent opportunity for you, dear reader of this mini-bio, to have your paper published online! Feel free to contact me under my email if you have any questions regarding Carnival, be it the application process, length and form of the paper, citation styles, etc. If you are interested in helping with the proof-reading, editing and the lay-out of Carnival, feel free to contact me as well! I welcome every offer of help with open arms.

Contact: archive@isha.international

Julija Jančec
(ISHA Rijeka)

JuliaHy everyone! I’m Julija who lives in Međimurje County (the northeast county in Croatia) but studies History and Croatian language in Rijeka. This year I finished my BA degree at the University of Rijeka. Actually, I’m a new ISHA member because we dfounded ISHA Rijeka only last year, and now as president ISHA Rijeka and the whole ISHA thing is getting bigger here. This term I am your Archivist. As every member of ISHA, knows- 2019 is the 30th birthday of ISHA, and it would be great to organize all ISHA history in one place- the ISHA Archive in Leuven, Belgium.