Other officials


Katja Nadine Passeri
(ISHA Rijeka)


Hy everyone! My name is Katja Nadine Passeri and this year I’m the official Webmaster of ISHA International, which means I’m working on our Website, posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I’m a part of ISHA’s Public Relations Committee (PRC) and the Project Management Committee (PMC) as well. I’m studying History and German Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Croatia. I’m currently finishing my master’s thesis which means my status as a student will soon expire. But that doesn’t mean I’m done with ISHA. I have been a member of ISHA since 2017 and I can only say that ISHA is one of the best parts of my college experience. If you have any wishes, ideas, or comments about our page and profiles on social networks – just feel free and contact me. 🙂

Contact: carnival@isha.international

Moriah Simonds
(ISHA Lugano)


I am Moriah, I’m from San Francisco, CA. I am currently studying History, Art History, and Applied Mathematics at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. My interests are focussed on the study of the urban organism and how we, as the next generation of innovators, can promote a more sustainable form of existence within metropolitan areas. I am grateful for ISHA because it creates a space within which we can project the lessons of the past into the sphere of contemporary sociopolitical issues. I am a member of ISHA in order to communicate with like-minded people and share ideas about why and how an interest in history is both relevant and necessary. I am hoping to continue the great work done by Eric with the editing and publication of Carnival; with a focus on increasing the amount of submitted articles we receive, as well as the cohesion of the entire publication. I am looking forward to an exciting year, hopefully marked by a generous helping of passion and interest.

Contact: archive@isha.international

Julija Jančec
(ISHA Rijeka)


Hi everyone! I’m Julija who lives in Međimurje County (in the northwest of Croatia), but studies History and Croatian Language in Rijeka. This year I am finishing my MA degree at the University of Rijeka and this is my last year in ISHA. I have been a member of ISHA since 2018 and this is my second term as an Archivist. Last summer I was in Leuven in the very first archive of ISHA! There is a lot of things to be done this year, I am going to try, at least.



Ivan Bokšić (ISHA Mostar)


Hi, my name is Ivan Bokšić and I study History and Geography at the University of Mostar. My first ISHA seminar was in Zadar in 2017 and I have become an active member of ISHA in Skopje in 2018. Since then, ISHA has been an important part of my life. I have fell in love with ISHA because of the wonderful people that I have met on seminars, and the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of different cultures and different styles of life. ISHA had a really big impact on my personal life and I am grateful for it.


Ognjen Tomić (ISHA Belgrade)


Hello, my name is Ognjen Tomić and I study history at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. I am currently on my first year of PhD studies, and my field of interest includes economic history, media, culture, and Yugoslav-Italian relations. ISHA has been a part of my life since the autumn seminar in Sofia in September 2017, and I attended many seminars since then. Experience in academic discussions and amazing friends that I met on ISHA journeys across the world, really enriched my life and gave me some new perspectives. Alongside my colleague Ivan, I have been elected as a treasure supervisor for 2020, and hence, proudly part of the ISHA international team. Viva ISHA!