International Board


Tomislav Romolić (ISHA Osijek)

Hello! My name is Tomislav, and I come from Osijek, Croatia. I recently got my BA in History and English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek. I’m also looking forward to studying for a PhD sometime in the near future! When it comes to my academic interests, I usually prefer to study and research modern history, but my interests often include people and events from other periods as well. I joined the local ISHA Osijek section in 2017, and my first seminar was the 2017 Autumn seminar in Sofia. Since then, I’ve attended many other seminars and gained an immeasurable amount of experience as well as multiple friendships that still persist to this day. This year, I’m serving as the president of ISHA International. By helping revitalize ISHA International to its former levels of activity, I hope to „give back“ to the organization that made my student life full of excitement and that gave me so many opportunities to travel!


Charlotte Rottiers (ISHA Ghent)

Dear ISHA members. My name is Charlotte and I am currently in my final stage as a PhD researcher at the KU Leuven’s Faculty of Architecture in Ghent (since 2020). I have a background in Art History (MA, 2018), East European Languages and Cultures (BA, 2021) and Urbanism and Spatial Planning (MA, 2022). My interests lie in architectural history, cultural and political representation combined with the formation of identity through art and architecture; which links to my current PhD research on the role attributed to architecture and interior decoration in the deployment of the Belgian diplomatic network from the moment of its foundation until the outbreak of the second world war. In the past, I was active as treasurer of ISHA Ghent, and one of the main organisors of the 31st Annual Conference in Ghent (September 2020) and New Year’s Seminar in Vienna (February 2023). I have been attending ISHA seminars since 2018 and was a council member in 2020 and 2021, Secretary in 2022 and Carnival editor from 2021 until present. This year I will serve as your Vice President, where my main goals are strengthening our partnerships and finding opportunities, collaborations and funding to get back to the four-seminars per year frequency! Please do contact me at if you have interesting leads or ideas to make this a reality!


Barbara Testini (ISHA Ghent)

My name is Barbara and I work as a PhD student in Historical Studies at the conjoint doctoral programme of the universities of Florence and Siena. My first ISHA experience was in Gent 2020, where I attended my first Annual conference. Since then, I’ve participated in most of ISHA events, Covid impending! 

I obtained my MA in Global Cultures at the University of Bologna, with a thesis about the collective memory of Italian colonialism in Italy, in which I analysed how colonialism is taught in History textbooks for high schools. My current project deals with the representations of Africa emerging from the Italian press from the 1950s to present day, and I’m basing my research on the personal archive of Angelo Del Boca, one of the most prominent historians of Italian colonialism. I also have a background in the field of Literature, having studied German and Russian languages and literatures during my BA. My academic interests also involve issues of memory, representation, and dystopian feminist literature.


Marius Achleitner (ISHA Vienna)


Hello you all my name is Marius Achleitner! I’m currently on my second year of my MEd studies for my teaching degree at the History and Anglistics departments of the University of Vienna. I’ve been involved with Isha since the refounding of our section in Vienna, which after a strong start in 2016 sadly died out again. Since then I have attended several of our seminares around Europe and now also have taken up the mantle of treasurer for the International Board. I hope that I can help guide Isha through this tumultuous times.