File a complaint

At ISHA, we strive to make sure that everyone has a good time at all our events and online communities. A constructive atmosphere and positive interaction are key elements to create a productive and academic learning environment for our members. That however doesn’t prevent incidents from happening. In case of any problems, safety-issues, misbehaviour, official complaints towards other members or suggestions to improve ISHA, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Depending on the situation, urgency and severity of the breach of the Code of Conduct, different options are available to raise concern. Both the victim, witnesses and other parties involved can signal the incident and actively help to find a solution.

How do I raise a concern and/or file a complaint?

a)       Talk to the Organising Committee in charge of the event.

a.       Sometimes, a designated trust person is appointed. This is a neutral and objective party trained to deal with these kinds of complaints.

b)      Contact the Thinktank

a.       This body inside ISHA International is experienced in dealing with different types of issues. You can contact one of its members directly or via

c)       Mail to

a.       Here you can ask general questions or file an official complaint within ISHA International

d)      Fill in this google form

a.       The form is always open for people to ask questions, raise concerns or make a suggestion to improve our inner workings.

What happens with my complaint?

Depending on how you file your report, the complaint is handled with the utmost anonymity and discretion. Consequences of violating the Code of Conduct may include:

  • An informal warning from the OC or ISHA International (in case of a small violation of this Code of Conduct)
  • An official warning from the OC or ISHA International/GA.
  • Removal from the event decided upon by the Organising Committee
  • Ban from participation in future ISHA events, voted on by the GA

The Think Tank – together with the Secretary – is responsible to make an annual report. This report will log the number and type of complaint, with a brief description of the outcome and achieved solution. The report will be anonymous and available for consultation via our website.