This is the archive of Carnival – the student academic journal of ISHA International. We currently do not have all published volumes of Carnival digitized, but we are working on it! If we would like to help with the digitalization efforts, please contact the current Editor in Chief of Carnival.

  • (*) will be scanned and uploaded in the near future.
Title/ Theme Vol. Number/ IdentifierPlace of Publication/ PrintingYear PublishedEditor(s) in ChiefISSN-Number/ ISBN-Number
CarnivalXXIIOnlineApril 2023Charlotte Rottiers,
Jeroen Petit
CarnivalXXIOnlineJanuary 2022Charlotte Rottiers2788-4074
Conference ProceedingsIOnlineOctober 2021Charlotte Rottiers2788-4074
CarnivalXXOnlineOctober 2020Eric Jeswein, Moriah Simonds2788-4074
CarnivalXVIII-IXOnlineJuly 2018Alexandra Leonzini, Ryan GlauserNone
CarnivalXVIIOnline2015/ Revised Version 2015Flavia Tudini

CarnivalXVI Online2014Flavia Tudini, Flavia Caruso1457-1226
CarnivalXVOnline2013Simona Barbu, Flavia Tudini1457-1226
Carnival XIVOsijek + online version2012
Dubravko Aladić,
Kristina Stojšić

Bridging the Difference Between East and WestXIIIOnline2011Stephanie BakkerNone
CarnivalXIIHeverlee, Belgium2010Sven Mörsdorf
CarnivalXIOsijek + online version2009Lia Hamminga, Volker ProttNone
Facets of Power 2008 Turku + online version2008Minna Uusivirta1457-1226
Invention of Tradition*2006 Utrecht2006Tijmen LandmanNone
Carnival*Vol 1. (2005)/ ISHA News Issues 44-45/ Vol 5. 2005.Zagreb2005Ivan Dujmić1582-3261
Mass Movements – Masses in Motion*Vol 3. (2003)/ ISHA News Issues 42-43Heidelberg2003Ilarion Ţiu, Thomas Foerster1582-3261
Human rights through HistoryVol. 2 Winter 2002/ ISHA News Issues 40-41/ Vol. X January 2003 [Online Version]Heidelberg + online version2002/2003Eugen Stancu, Renata Arar, Thomas Foerster1582-3261
Carnival*Vol 1. Spring 2002/ ISHA-News Issues 39-40Chisinau2001Sergiu Musteață, Iulia Postică, Maria Neagu1582-3261
Carnival*Vol. 3 December 2001/ ISHA-News Issues 37-38Bucharest2001Eugen Stancu, Luciana-Alexandra Ghica, Valentin Sandulescu1582-3261
CarnivalVol. 3. March 2001/ ISHA News Issue 36Bucharest + online version2001Eugen Stancu, Luciana-Alexandra Ghica, Valentin Sandulescu, Mircea Stanciu, Natalia Toma1582-3261
CarnivalVol. 2. December 2000/ ISHA News Issue 35[Bucharest?] +online version2000Eugen StancuNone
Carnival*Vol. 2. June 2000/ ISHA News Issue 34Helsinki2000Sakari Saaritsa, Arno Ahosniemi, Petri Hakkarainen, Kaisa Kaakinen1457-1226
CarnivalVol. 2. March 2000/ ISHA-News Issue 33Helsinki + online version2000
Sakari Saaritsa, Arno Ahosniemi,
Petri Hakkarainen, Kaisa Kaakinen

CarnivalVol 1. December 1999/ ISHA-News 32Helsinki1999Sakari Saaritsa, Arno Ahosniemi,
Petri Hakkarainen, Kaisa Kaakinen