Get active internationally

ISHA lives of the engagement of its members and all the great work the local sections are doing. But all this would not be possible without the international network holding it all together. ISHA International is kept afloat by all the great officials who dedicate huge bunches of their free time to work for it on a voluntary basis. The Officials, consisting of the International Board, Council and other officials are elected every year at the Annual Conference.

Officials for the Term 17/18 and Aug-Dez 2018

Every member of ISHA can run for any position. if you feel like a position in the board is to much responsibility for you, a Council position might be a great first step for you. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to ask current officials about their experiences or just read this introduction.

You want to contribute internationally but there are no elections in sight? Or you hesitate to run for an  official position? Than join one of our Committees. The Committees consist of engaged ISHA members who take on specific tasks. How much work you take on and for how long and how intensely you are involved is completely up to you. You also don’t have to be elected and can join committees at any time.

At the moment there are the following committees

The Alumni and PhD Network Committee

The Project Management Committee

The Fundraising Committee

The Training Committee

The Public Relations Committee