Upcoming Events


Here you can find all details about the upcoming international seminars and conferences, organised by ISHA sections.

ghent  Annual Conference 2020

Place: Ghent, Belgium
Date: 21-27 September 2020
Subscription time: May 2020

Topic: “Power Structures, Colonialism & Imperialism throughout history”

52944302_2147399482187677_6139472053880750080_o  Extra Seminar 2020

Place: Split, Croatia
Date: 29 October-1 November
Subscription time: July 2020

Topic: “City, Citizens, Citizenship”

preuzmi (1) New Year’s Seminar 2021

Place: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: In progress
Subscription time: In progress

Topic: “Daily life”

isha-osijek Spring Seminar 2021

Place: Osijek, Croatia
Date: 22-28 March 2021
Subscription time: In progress

Topic: “Crime and Punishment”