Upcoming Events


Here you can find all details about the upcoming international seminars and conferences, organised by ISHA sections.

ISHA Zagreb New Year’s Seminar 2020

Place: Zagreb, Croatia
Date: 6-12 January 2020
Subscription time: 1-15 October 2019
Topic: “Others in History: Images and Propaganda”

ISHA Mostar Spring Seminar 2020

Place: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Date: 30 March-5 April 2020
Subscription time: 1-15 December 2019
Topic: “Daily Life”

isha moscow Summer Seminar 2020

Place: Moscow, Russia
Date: July-August 2020
Subscription time: …
Topic: “Revolutionary Times in History”

ghent Annual Conference 2020

Place: Ghent, Belgium
Date: 14-20 September 2020
Subscription time: May 2020
Topic: Colonialism through History