Previous Events

Seminar Topic City, Country Date
Annual Conference Recycle History Budapest, Hungary September 2019
Sommer Seminar Walls in History Berlin, Germany August 2019
Spring Seminar Deconstruction of Myths about women in History Belgrade, Serbia April 2019
New Year’s Seminar Memory Spaces Marburg, Germany January 2019
Extra seminar Remembering the First World War – 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day Ghent, Belgium October 2018
Autumn seminar History through music Skopje, Macedonia September 2018
Summer seminar Building cities, creating societies Warsaw, Poland July 2018
Extra seminar HYPE – HistorY and Physics Experience Bologna, Italy May 2018
Annual Conference Work in Progress: Modernisation of History Maribor, Slovenia April 2018
Regional seminar Yugoslavia Revisited Osijek, Croatia March 2018
New Year’s Seminar (Re)making Europe Zagreb, Croatia January 2018
Regional Seminar Ottomans and the Balkans Maribor, Slovenia October 2017
Alumni seminar Alumni Weekend Berlin, Germany October 2017
Autumn Seminar Money in History Sofia, Bulgaria September 2017
Summer Seminar Historical Consciousness Helsinki, Finland July 2017
Extra Seminar (De)Constructing Europe Lausanne, Switzerland June 2017
Regional Seminar Adriatic Encounters: Clash of Civilisations Zadar, Croatia May 2017
Annual Conference Religion and History Eger, Hungary April 2017
New Year’s Seminar Xenophobia and solidarity Budapest, Hungary January 2017
Extra Seminar Adriatic Encounters: Adriatic sea – rough sea Split, Croatia September 2016
Autumn Seminar Historians at Work Berlin, Germany September 2016
Summer Seminar History of Marginalisation Osijek, Croatia July 2016
Extra Seminar Diversity as a marker of the temporality of the city Paris, France May/June 2016
Extra Seminar National State and Multicultural State from early modern to contemporary age Rome, Italy  May 2016
Annual Conference Sensing the Past: A Sensory Perception of History Kent, United Kingdom April 2016
New Year’s Seminar History & Fiction Marburg, Germany January 2016
Autumn Seminar Failure & Beyond. Telling History – Shaping Memory Graz, Austria September 2015
Extra Seminar Common History and Society in the Post-Habsburg States Balaton, Hungary August 2015
Summer Seminar History on the Screen – Historical Movies, Documentaries and TV Shows Skopje, Macedonia July 2015
Extra Seminar Archiv-Workshop: The 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II Vienna, Austria May 2015
Annual Conference Local vs Global: A Transnational Perspective on History” Bucharest, Romania April 2015
New Year’s Seminar Associating throughout History Olomouc, Czech Republik January 2015
Autumn Seminar Revolutions! Pula, Croatia September 2014
Summer Seminar Crises and Development Ljubljana, Slovenia July 2014
Extra Seminar Conflict Situations and Their Consequences Sofia, Bulgaria May 2014
Annual Conference Images of the Other: Relations between Western and Central-Eastern Europe in History Budapest, Hungary April 2014
New Year’s Seminar Vice, Violence and Crime: Conspicuous Aspects of Human Society Helsinki, Finland December 2013/January 2014
Regional Seminar Inspired by people and events Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina October 2013
Autumn Seminar History in Practice Vilnius, Lithuania September 2013
Summer Seminar Historical Places and Space Berlin, Germany July 2013
Annual Conference Migration Leuven, Belgium April 2013
New Year’s Seminar Health and Disease Marburg, Germany January 2013
Autumn Seminar Education and Intellectual Emancipation Zagreb, Croatia 2012
Summer Seminar Symbols and Figures of Power Bucharest, Romania 2012
Annual Conference Identities in Transition Jena, Germany 2012
New Year’s Seminar Marginal Groups through History Belgrade, Serbia 2012
Autumn Seminar Shared Past – Conflicting History Turku, Finland 2011
Summer Seminar Myths, Heroes and Identities Bucharest, Romania 2011
Annual Conference East and West : Bridging the Differences Pula, Croatia 2011
New Year’s Seminar Utopias and Dystopias Berlin, Germany 2011
Autumn Seminar Unions Throughout History Sofia, Bulgaria 2010
Summer Seminar War, Father of All‘ Nicosia, Cyprus 2010
Annual Conference Integration Throughout History Helsinki, Finland 2010
Extra Seminar Being a HistorianBeing a Historian Marburg, Germany 2010
New Year’s Seminar Manipulation in History Vilnius, Lithuania 2010
Autumn Seminar A Historical Perspective on Multiculturalism Pisa, Italy 2009
Summer Seminar Comparative History of Religion Utrecht, The Netherlands 2009
Annual Conference Turning Points in History Zagreb, Croatia 2009
Autumn Seminar Historiography and Methodology Belgrade, Serbia 2008
Summer Seminar Society and Science through History Ljubljana, Slovenia 2008
Annual Conference Facets of Power Delft, The Netherlands 2008
New Year’s Seminar War Osijek, Croatia 2008
Summer Seminar Thinking Europe – Self-Percept(ion) Berlin, Germany 2007
Annual Conference Popular Culture and History Turku, Finland 2007
New Year’s Seminar Art and Politics Belgrade, Serbia 2006
Autumn Seminar Everyday Life through History Pula, Croatia 2006
Extra Seminar Cultural and Historiographical Zagreb, Croatia 2006
Annual Conference Ideologies through History” Utrecht, The Netherlands 2006
Autumn Seminar The Other. Stereotypes of Alte (…) Heidelberg, Germany 2005
Summer Seminar EUr Idenity. National Identity Zurich, Switzerland 2005
Extra Seminar Europe and Islam Zagreb, Croatia 2005
Annual Conference Religion in History Skopje, Macedonia 2005
New Year’s Seminar “What, if… – History” Marburg, Germany 2004
Autumn Seminar “European Union?” Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2004
Annual Conference Trade and Communications Pula, Croatia 2004
New Year’s Seminar History vs. Architecture Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2003
Autumn Seminar Nations & Nationalism Bucharest, Romania 2003
Summer Seminar Mass Movements – Masses in Mot Heidelberg, Germany 2003
Annual Conference Who Owns the Past? Helsinki, Finland 2003
Autumn Seminar Human Rights Through History Zagreb, Croatia 2002
Annual Conference Expanding Horizons Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2002
Autumn Seminar Youth Involvement in European Chisinau, Macedonia 2001
Annual Conference Minorities Vilnius, Lithuania 2001
Autumn Seminar Changing History? Turku, Finland 2000
Summer Seminar Being Young in Europe Bucharest, Romania 2000
Annual Conference The 20th Century Zagreb, Croatia 2000
New Year’s Seminar Relations between Neighbors Tartu, Estonia 1999
Autumn Seminar The Habsburg House Zamberk, Czech Republic 1999
Summer Seminar Millenium: Time of Hope and Fe(ar) Zurich, Switzerland 1999
Annual Conference Enemies and Feindbilder Heidelberg, Germany 1999
New Year’s Seminar Far Away So Close. Communities Venice, Italy 1998
Annual Conference „Revolution!?“ Helsinki, Finland 1998
New Year’s Seminar University in Europe Brussels, Belgium 1997
Autumn Seminar Man and the Sea Zagreb, Croatia 1997
Summer Seminar Paganism and Christianity Vilnius, Lithuania 1997
Annual Conference Religion and History Wroclaw, Poland 1997
New Year’s Seminar Mystery in History Brussels, Belgium 1996
Annual Conference Man and Nature Vienna, Austria 1996
Annual Conference History and Propaganda Mainz, Germany 1995
Annual Conference History of Daily Life Utrecht, The Netherlands 1994
Annual Conference What does it mean to be Europe? Tours, France 1993
Annual Conference Gender and History Helsinki, Finland 1992
Annual Conference People on the Move: Migration Pécs, Hungary 1991
Annual Conference The European Paradigm Budapest, Hungary 1990