Previous Events

DateSeminarTopicCity, Country
9-12 February 2023New Year’s SeminarNew Year’s Seminar – ViennaVienna, Austria
11-14 January 2022New Year’s SeminarMany Faces of InequalityHelsinki, Finland
September/October 2021Annual ConferenceAnti-fascismPula, Croatia
July-August 2021Extra SeminarHistory in Pop Culture: Narratives, Storytelling and TruthsOnline, Helsinki
September 2020Annual ConferencePower structures, Colonialism & Imperialism throughout HistoryGhent, Belgium
January 2020New Year’s SeminarOthers in History: Images and PropagandaZagreb, Croatia
September 2019Annual ConferenceRecycle HistoryBudapest, Hungary
August 2019Summer SeminarWalls in HistoryBerlin, Germany
April 2019Spring SeminarDeconstruction of Myths about women in HistoryBelgrade, Serbia
January 2019New Year’s SeminarMemory SpacesMarburg, Germany
October 2018Extra seminarRemembering the First World War – 100th Anniversary of Armistice DayGhent, Belgium
September 2018Autumn seminarHistory through musicSkopje, Macedonia
July 2018Summer seminarBuilding cities, creating societiesWarsaw, Poland
May 2018Extra seminarHYPE – HistorY and Physics ExperienceBologna, Italy
April 2018Annual ConferenceWork in Progress: Modernisation of HistoryMaribor, Slovenia
March 2018Regional seminarYugoslavia RevisitedOsijek, Croatia
January 2018New Year’s Seminar(Re)making EuropeZagreb, Croatia
October 2017Regional SeminarOttomans and the BalkansMaribor, Slovenia
October 2017Alumni seminarAlumni WeekendBerlin, Germany
September 2017Autumn SeminarMoney in HistorySofia, Bulgaria
July 2017Summer SeminarHistorical ConsciousnessHelsinki, Finland
June 2017Extra Seminar(De)Constructing EuropeLausanne, Switzerland
May 2017Regional SeminarAdriatic Encounters: Clash of CivilisationsZadar, Croatia
April 2017Annual ConferenceReligion and HistoryEger, Hungary
January 2017New Year’s SeminarXenophobia and solidarityBudapest, Hungary
September 2016Extra SeminarAdriatic Encounters: Adriatic sea – rough seaSplit, Croatia
September 2016Autumn SeminarHistorians at WorkBerlin, Germany
July 2016Summer SeminarHistory of MarginalisationOsijek, Croatia
May/June 2016Extra SeminarDiversity as a marker of the temporality of the cityParis, France
May 2016Extra SeminarNational State and Multicultural State from early modern to contemporary ageRome, Italy
April 2016Annual ConferenceSensing the Past: A Sensory Perception of HistoryKent, United Kingdom
January 2016New Year’s SeminarHistory & FictionMarburg, Germany
September 2015Autumn SeminarFailure & Beyond. Telling History – Shaping MemoryGraz, Austria
August 2015Extra SeminarCommon History and Society in the Post-Habsburg StatesBalaton, Hungary
July 2015Summer SeminarHistory on the Screen – Historical Movies, Documentaries and TV ShowsSkopje, Macedonia
May 2015Extra SeminarArchiv-Workshop: The 70th Anniversary of the End of World War IIVienna, Austria
April 2015Annual ConferenceLocal vs Global: A Transnational Perspective on History”Bucharest, Romania
January 2015New Year’s SeminarAssociating throughout HistoryOlomouc, Czech Republik
September 2014Autumn SeminarRevolutions!Pula, Croatia
July 2014Summer SeminarCrises and DevelopmentLjubljana, Slovenia
May 2014Extra SeminarConflict Situations and Their ConsequencesSofia, Bulgaria
April 2014Annual ConferenceImages of the Other: Relations between Western and Central-Eastern Europe in HistoryBudapest, Hungary
December 2013/January 2014New Year’s SeminarVice, Violence and Crime: Conspicuous Aspects of Human SocietyHelsinki, Finland
October 2013Regional SeminarInspired by people and eventsBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 2013Autumn SeminarHistory in PracticeVilnius, Lithuania
July 2013Summer SeminarHistorical Places and SpaceBerlin, Germany
April 2013Annual ConferenceMigrationLeuven, Belgium
January 2013New Year’s SeminarHealth and DiseaseMarburg, Germany
2012Autumn SeminarEducation and Intellectual EmancipationZagreb, Croatia
2012Summer SeminarSymbols and Figures of PowerBucharest, Romania
2012Annual ConferenceIdentities in TransitionJena, Germany
2012New Year’s SeminarMarginal Groups through HistoryBelgrade, Serbia
2011Autumn SeminarShared Past – Conflicting HistoryTurku, Finland
2011Summer SeminarMyths, Heroes and IdentitiesBucharest, Romania
2011Annual ConferenceEast and West : Bridging the DifferencesPula, Croatia
2011New Year’s SeminarUtopias and DystopiasBerlin, Germany
2010Autumn SeminarUnions Throughout HistorySofia, Bulgaria
2010Summer SeminarWar, Father of All‘Nicosia, Cyprus
2010Annual ConferenceIntegration Throughout HistoryHelsinki, Finland
2010Extra SeminarBeing a HistorianBeing a HistorianMarburg, Germany
2010New Year’s SeminarManipulation in HistoryVilnius, Lithuania
2009Autumn SeminarA Historical Perspective on MulticulturalismPisa, Italy
2009Summer SeminarComparative History of ReligionUtrecht, The Netherlands
2009Annual ConferenceTurning Points in HistoryZagreb, Croatia
2008Autumn SeminarHistoriography and MethodologyBelgrade, Serbia
2008Summer SeminarSociety and Science through HistoryLjubljana, Slovenia
2008Annual ConferenceFacets of PowerDelft, The Netherlands
2008New Year’s SeminarWarOsijek, Croatia
2007Summer SeminarThinking Europe – Self-Percept(ion)Berlin, Germany
2007Annual ConferencePopular Culture and HistoryTurku, Finland
2006New Year’s SeminarArt and PoliticsBelgrade, Serbia
2006Autumn SeminarEveryday Life through HistoryPula, Croatia
2006Extra SeminarCultural and HistoriographicalZagreb, Croatia
2006Annual ConferenceIdeologies through History”Utrecht, The Netherlands
2005Autumn SeminarThe Other. Stereotypes of Alte (…)Heidelberg, Germany
2005Summer SeminarEUr Idenity. National IdentityZurich, Switzerland
2005Extra SeminarEurope and IslamZagreb, Croatia
2005Annual ConferenceReligion in HistorySkopje, Macedonia
2004New Year’s Seminar“What, if… – History”Marburg, Germany
2004Autumn Seminar“European Union?”Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2004Annual ConferenceTrade and CommunicationsPula, Croatia
2003New Year’s SeminarHistory vs. ArchitectureRotterdam, The Netherlands
2003Autumn SeminarNations & NationalismBucharest, Romania
2003Summer SeminarMass Movements – Masses in MotHeidelberg, Germany
2003Annual ConferenceWho Owns the Past?Helsinki, Finland
2002Autumn SeminarHuman Rights Through HistoryZagreb, Croatia
2002Annual ConferenceExpanding HorizonsNijmegen, The Netherlands
2001Autumn SeminarYouth Involvement in EuropeanChisinau, Macedonia
2001Annual ConferenceMinoritiesVilnius, Lithuania
2000Autumn SeminarChanging History?Turku, Finland
2000Summer SeminarBeing Young in EuropeBucharest, Romania
2000Annual ConferenceThe 20th CenturyZagreb, Croatia
1999New Year’s SeminarRelations between NeighborsTartu, Estonia
1999Autumn SeminarThe Habsburg HouseZamberk, Czech Republic
1999Summer SeminarMillenium: Time of Hope and Fe(ar)Zurich, Switzerland
1999Annual ConferenceEnemies and FeindbilderHeidelberg, Germany
1998New Year’s SeminarFar Away So Close. CommunitiesVenice, Italy
1998Annual Conference„Revolution!?“Helsinki, Finland
1997New Year’s SeminarUniversity in EuropeBrussels, Belgium
1997Autumn SeminarMan and the SeaZagreb, Croatia
1997Summer SeminarPaganism and ChristianityVilnius, Lithuania
1997Annual ConferenceReligion and HistoryWroclaw, Poland
1996New Year’s SeminarMystery in HistoryBrussels, Belgium
1996Annual ConferenceMan and NatureVienna, Austria
1995Annual ConferenceHistory and PropagandaMainz, Germany
1994Annual ConferenceHistory of Daily LifeUtrecht, The Netherlands
1993Annual ConferenceWhat does it mean to be Europe?Tours, France
1992Annual ConferenceGender and HistoryHelsinki, Finland
1991Annual ConferencePeople on the Move: MigrationPécs, Hungary
1990Annual ConferenceThe European ParadigmBudapest, Hungary