Board of Patrons

The Board of Patrons is a body that consist of a small number of people who wish to support the Organisation and its mission with their expertise, good name, contacts, and by promoting the Organisation and its activities wherever appropriate. The Board’s purpose will be to underline and further improve the high quality of ISHA’s work as independent, Europe-wide student NGO. Members of the Board of Patrons are requested to give ISHA greater visibility and academic credibility by promoting its mission and activities whenever appropriate. Next to this, the International Board and ISHA members would occasionally seek Boards’ help and advice relating to their tasks, academic events, or other projects.

The Board of Patrons consist of:

Prof. Antoon De Baets (NL)

historian; coordinator, Network of Concerned Historians



Prof. Ann Katherine Isaacs (IT)

historian; education expert; ISHA honorary member

Prof. Tvrtko Jakovina (HR)

historian; ISHA member in it’s founding years

Tvrtko Jakovina

Ms. Joke van der Leeuw-Roord (NL)

Historian, EUROCLIO Founder and Special Advisor