PhD Network

At ISHA, academic quality is of the utmost importance. One of ISHA’s central goals is to bring international students of history and related disciplines from around the world together,for the purpose of academic, cultural and social exchange. For ISHA members who continue their academic career and hold a PhD/post-doc position, or for new PhD level members who would like to become acquainted with ISHA, there is the PhD network.

This network serves to bring PhD students closer together, to seek advice regarding funding/research, to share sources, conferences and call for papers, and generally offer and receive support from your peers!

Stay connected

We are organizing academic events in close partnership with universities to enrich our training as researchers. We will organise conferences, seminars and workshops where you can learn transferable skills. We stay in contact via our newsletter and our Facebook group. Add yourself to our PhD Network Facebook group if you have questions, announcements, experiences to share etc.

If you want us to share your announcement (call for papers, conference, vacancy, stipend, …) via our newsletter or social media, get in contact with us through our social media. In case you have different contributions to our newsletter (for example essays or reviews) please let us know via the form or email.

Furthermore, there is an Academic Exchange group on Facebook for the whole ISHA-community. As PhD students we can provide others with a lot of help or tips, but we can also ask for assistance in obtaining certain sources and publications. If you want to be part of this, feel free to add yourself to this group.

Be part of the committee

Would you like to participate in our committee and organise academic events and workshops for your fellow PhD-students? Contact the Alumni & PhD network (alumni&, all support is welcome!