Petra Sršić
(ISHA Osijek)

UnbenanntHello ISHA people, I’m Petra from ISHA Osijek. I am a 1st year MA student of History and English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek. I joined ISHA at the beginning of my first year of BA studies and have been an active member ever since. My first seminar was in Zadar and it was so amazing I just knew I would have to attend loads more, which I did and still do. In my term as a council member, I hope to improve and organize the work of several committees, starting with the Training Committee and the Public Relations Committee. Looking forward to a new and successful year. VIVA ISHA!


Valentina Markasović
(ISHA Osijek)

ValentinaHi, everyone, my name is Valentina and I’m from Osijek, Croatia. I’ve just started my double major MA studies of History and English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek. My first ISHA seminar experience took place in Zadar (Adriatic Encounters 2017), and I’d become internationally active later that same year when I attended the autumn seminar in Sofia. ISHA has since become an integral part of my academic experience. This is my first term as an ISHA official and hopefully it will be a successful one! I’ll try to contribute as much as I can, especially with the Training Committee and the Project Management Committee. Hope we’ll see each other at some of the upcoming seminars!


Tena Vinković
(ISHA Osijek)


Hello everyone! My name is Tena Vinković and I’m from ISHA Osijek.  I’m a second year MA student of History and Croatian Language and Literature. I’m an active ISHA member for the last three years and my first ISHA experience was our seminar „Yugoslavia revisited“ back in March 2018. I became internationally active later that same year, after the autumn seminar in Skopje. I feel like ISHA became such a big part of my life (actually, I’ve decided to spend one more year as a student just so I can attend more seminars) and that’s why I’ve decided to become an ISHA Official! I hope that I will contribute to ISHA as a part of Public Relations Committee and Project Management Committee. If you need any help or have some questions about our community, feel free to contact me!


Zrinka Burazer
(ISHA Zagreb)



Pozdrav! My name is Zrinka Burazer and I study History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. I’m also the acting president of ISHA Zagreb and a part of the ISHA International Public Relations Committee (PRC). This is my first term as an ISHA Official and I’m hoping to contribute to ISHA’s work as much as possible.



Charlotte Rottiers
(ISHA Ghent)


Hey everyone, I’m Charlotte, international council member and treasurer of ISHA Ghent (but conducting my PhD research at KULeuven). I have a background in Art History, Slavic studies and Urban Planning (at Ghent University). Currently I’m working on diplomatic architecture, more specifically, Belgian embassy architecture in between 1830 and 1939. I would love to tell you more about the topic when we meet at one of the ISHA seminars. As you already might’ve noticed, I love learning new things and spreading my own passion and insights with as many people as possible. Of course the ISHA seminars are perfect for this: combining the fun of academics with getting to know a lot of new, interesting (crazy) people. My main interests are (of course) architecture, photography, art, literature, weird travel destinations, coffee and glitter.


Maximilian Eckert
(ISHA Marburg)


Hey ISHA People, my name is Maximilian Eckert and I am part of the council during the 2020 officials’ term. I am studying political science in my 3rd BA semester at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. I got involved with ISHA in 2017, on the local level, when I was starting to study history in Marburg and my first participation at an international event was the New Year’s Seminar in Zagreb 2018. During this council term, I want to relieve as much pressure from the International Board and bring in new ideas. Also, I see this council term as a preparation for bigger tasks in the future. Viva ISHA! – Max