Julia Boechat Machado (ISHA Vienna)

Hi everyone, my name is Julia, and I’m currently working on my PhD in Comparative History at Central European University, Vienna. I have also studied in Brazil, my home country, (History BA, 2018), Bologna, Italy (Global Cultures MA, 2020), and Belarus (intensive Russian language courses, 2021). I am interested in cultural history, especially in what concerns the Soviet Union. I am also passionate about literature, and I am currently attempting to read a book from every country in the world. I joined ISHA in 2020, when I attended my first conference, in Zagreb, became a member of Carnival’s Editorial Board in 2022, and I was one of the organizers of the 2023 conference in Vienna. Now I’m also serving as Webmaster and council member, and hope to help ISHA leave all the covid issues behind, and be able to focus on growth again.

Valentina Cola (ISHA Rome)

Valentina is from Rome (Italy). She holds a bachelor in History, Geography and International Cooperation and a master’s degree in European Studies. She joined ISHA in 2018 and has since then participated in numerous seminars. In 2019 she was part of the IB as Secretary and organised the second edition of the interdisciplinary seminar HYPE (HYstory and Physics Experience) together with the physics student’s association (IAPS). In this 2023 term she will be an active Council member, sharing her experience and coordinating the Think Tank on “Inclusion and Equality” of which she is a founding member.

Gregor Gartner (ISHA Ljubljana)

I come from a small village called Ševlje, which is located in the lovely country of Slovenia. I am currently finishing my masters degree in history at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, where I discovered ISHA. I am quite active in our local ISHA Ljubljana, but have only just started to discover the ISHA International at the New Year Seminar 2023 in Vienna, where I was also elected as a Council member. I am looking forward to participating in future ISHA activities and seminars, with which I hope to help as a Council member, whilst also working as a student at the Loka Museum Škofja Loka and at the Slovenian school museum.

Elina Huttunen (ISHA Helsinki)

Hello, my name is Elina.
I’m currently in my first year of MA studies and majoring in Political History at the faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Helsinki (Finland). As a result of my first attendance of ISHA seminar in Vienna 2023, I became part of ISHA as a Council member. There is no better way to interact with fellow history students and keep wonderful ISHA alive. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can be part of contributing to the successful running of the association.

Benjamin Krivošić (ISHA Osijek)

Dear past, present, and future ISHA people! My name is Benjamin Krivošić. I come from the tiny village of Drenje in the Republic of Croatia. I am currently doing my MA at the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek (Croatia). I obtained my BA in History and English Language and Literature in 2021, and I am currently enrolled in the MA program of my university – History and English Language and Literature as well. Other than that, my academic interests lie in military history and microhistory for the history part and translation studies for the English language part. I have been an active member of my local section – ISHA Osijek – for the better part of my studies, of which I was the president in 2021/2022. I attend my first seminar in Vienna, which was the ISHA New Year’s Seminar 2023, and I have decided I wanted to become a council member. I have heard many stories about ISHA from my seniors and I wanted to be a part of it. I’m really excited about helping ISHA become the great organization it was before the pandemic hit.

Riina Nikulainen (ISHA Helsinki)

I am a freshly graduated master of social science’s from the University of Helsinki. However, I am still active in ISHA International and for spring 2023 in ISHA Helsinki as well.
I majored in Economic and Social History, which is also my main area of interest from history sciences.
Despite having finished my studies I am fairly new to ISHA, as I joined my local section in 2020 during the plague. Therefore I am very excited for what the future now holds for ISHA, and I am looking forward to supporting ISHA activities and future seminars!

Raphael Päbstl (ISHA Marburg)

Adrian Waters (ISHA Graz)

Adrian Waters, Council

Hello everyone! My name is Adrian and I have been active in ISHA since 2016 when I participated at the Annual Conference in Canterbury, England. Afterwards I attended the 2017 New Year’s and Summer Seminars in Budapest and Helsinki respectively, the 2018 Autumn Seminar in Skopje and the 2020 New Year’s Seminar in Zagreb. These events have allowed me to interact with fellow history students from around the world and I still have fond memories of such occasions. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and Politics from the University of Kent (where I first discovered ISHA), a Master of Arts in History from University College London and a Second Level Master in International Public Affairs from the LUISS Guido Carli university in Rome. Currently I am enrolled in the Law and Politics PhD programme at the University of Graz, Austria. Last year I joined the ISHA International Council in order to contribute to the successful running of the association and to keep the ISHA spirit alive despite the tumultuous times we are living in today.