Facebook group for the Alumni & PhD Committee

Dear ISHA Alumni

The Alumni & PhD committee created a new Facebookgroup, specifically for ISHA Alumni. The group is informal and closed, so feel free to reminisce, share fun anecdotes, and tell those stories that will remain hilarious time after time. We will start things of with some photo’s from back in the day 😀

We will use the group to share updates for the next Alumni event and our Alumni-merchandising, so add yourself and your ISHA-buddies to the group and stay tuned!

More info you can find under “Get involved” -> PhD Network or Alumni Network 🙂

The Handover meeting in Zagreb

On the 4th of January 2020 the Handover meeting was held in Zagreb. The old Officials gave a lot of advice to the new Officials and a lot of things were discussed for the future of ISHA.

As we already announced last year, the new Officials are as it follows:

President: Blaž Ševo
Vice President: Штерјов Стефан
Treasurer: David Kraus
Secretary: Mark Thalberg-Žukov
Vice Secretary: Yan Dzyubinskiy
Council: Valentina Markasović,
Petra Sršić, Zrinka Burazer, Maximilian Eckert, Tena Vinković, Charlotte Rottiers
Archivist: Julija Jancec
Webmaster: Katja Nadine Passeri
Carnival Editor: Moriah Simonds
Treasury supervision: Ivan Bokšić, Огњен Томић

We wish a great year and a lot of successful moments to the new Officials! 🙂

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