Alumni and PhD Network Committee

Alumni and Ph.D. Network Committee

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On the GA in Warsaw in July 2018 the Alumni Network Committee and the Ph.D. Committee were merged into one. The decision to merge arose from the fact, that both committees have a similar target group and can function better with the powers combined.

The Alumni and PhD Network is a  contact point for Alumni and Ph.D. students and collects contact information from former ISHA members who are interested in contributing to ISHA. It is a platform to help each-other, exchange information and stay in touch with ISHA and each-other.

The main means of comunication are our Facebook group ,and the Newsletter, to which you can sign up.

The committee is the link between the network and ISHA international. It also tries to encourage and provide events for alumni and PhD students. A recurring example for such are the PhD workshops at ISHA seminars, another was the alumni seminar, which took place in October 2017 in Berlin.

Anyone who wants to contribute and be involved in managing this network is welcome, from freshmen to alumni and Ph.D. students.