Alumni and PhD Network Committee


At the July 2018 GA in Warsaw the Alumni Network Committee and the Ph.D. Committee were merged into one. The decision to merge arose from the fact that both committees have a similar target demographic and can function better with combined powers.

Goal of the committee

The Alumni and PhD Network has several functions. Firstly, the committee collects information from former ISHA members and officials to create a database for possible contacts that want to continue contributing to ISHA.  Secondly, the network also functions as a space where Alumni and Ph.D. students can exchange information, announcements, experiences, and stay in touch with ISHA and each other. Thirdly, the committee is the link between the network and ISHA International.

The main means of communication are our Facebook group. 

Activities and communication

The committee also organises events for alumni and PhD students. Even though the committee and network encompasses PhD students and ISHA alumni, we understand that both groups often have differing interests. We therefore organise our activities accordingly.

For the PhD Network, we focus mostly on academic activities. One of the main activities is the PhD workshops that are held at the quarterly ISHA seminars. PhD students can discuss their research and receive feedback in a judgement free environment. There is also normally a methodological theme that the group discuss from the perspective of their differing topics and disciplinary backgrounds. Whilst these events are specifically organised at a PhD level, masters students with ambition to pursue a PhD degree are also welcome. We work together with academic partners to ensure that these workshops provide maximum value for participants.

The Alumni network focusses on connecting former ISHA members and officials. By organizing fun meetings all over Europe, we hope our previous members will stay in touch with each other and keep the ISHA spirit alive. The alumni network offers friendship and nostalgia. We organize (yearly) alumni weekends and design our own merchandise.

Past examples of the PhD workshops include Zagreb 2020, Marburg 2019 etc. Whilst previous alumni seminars include Berlin 2017 and Leuven 2019.

Be part of the committee

Would you like to contribute to this initiative and participate in our committee by organising academic events and workshops for your fellow PhD-students and ISHA-alumni? Contact the Alumni & PhD network ( All support is welcome, from freshmen to alumni and Ph.D. students.