Forms & Basic Information

Filling out a membership form can be your first step towards a bright ISHA future and the joining or foundation of a section. The basic information can help you to understand how ISHA works.

Statutes and Policy

The Statutes and Standing Orders are ISHA’s “constitution” and describe how the organization formally works. In addition to this, here you can also find the Policy Papers of the International Board.

The Minutes

This is the archive of the minutes that were taken during ISHA General Assemblies and State of Affairs Meetings. The minutes are also good sources to sift through ISHA’s past.


Here you can find a collection of very informative manuals. They have been written by ISHA members for ISHA members and can be very helpful for your ISHA life as well as for your general academic life.

Promotional Material

Here you can find leaflets, the logo and other useful materials to promote ISHA .

Code of Conduct

Here you can find the Code of Conduct, approved at the Online General Assembly on the 29th of May, 2021.