Apply for the spring Seminar in Belgrade

The application period for this years spring seminar in Belgrade has begun. Due to the term change of ISHA we now have spring seminars and annual conferences are held in autumn. This will be the first spring seminar, it will be taking place from April 8th to 14th and you can apply until February 5th HERE.

The topic will be the Deconstruction of Myths about women in History, more informations can be found on the website.

We all look forward to an amazing seminar.

Apply for the New Year’s Seminar in Marburg

The application for our New Year’s Seminar in Marburg is open. The seminar focuses on the topic of memory spaces and will take place from January, 7th to 13th 2019. The application is still open until October 14th and can be found HERE.

All additional infomation about the seminar can be found on the website of ISHA Marburg.


Carnival vol. 18-19

The new CARNIVAL vol. 18-19 (July 2018) is out! You can find it here.

Alexandra Leonzini, 2016/2017
Ryan Glauser, 2017/2018

Erzsébet Árvay, Anita Bacher, Elisa Guerrini Aleksiejūnas, Eric Jeswein, Tamara Pataki, Toni Šafer

Ryan Glauser

vol 18-19