ISHA is a big and vibrant organisation with a history dating back to 1990. Since then many students have enjoyed the international experience, the academic challenges and the opportunities to improve their academic, organisational and social skills. Everyone who experienced the ISHA spirit at one point of her/his student life, will remember this time as an enriching and fruitful period.

The current ISHA Council did a survey about preferences of ISHA Alumni, about modes of communication amongst themselves and young ISHA members, which has shown that there is a great interest in joint meetings and an organisational structure ensuring the communication between ISHA Alumni and current ISHA members and that is what we are currently working on.

If you are an ISHA Alumni and want to participate in the ISHA Alumni Society, please contact or have a look at the Facebook page. Thank you!

Click here to read the ISHA Alumni Survey of 2016!