Elections on AC in Maribor

Elections for next term of ISHA Officials were held on 6. 4. 2018 during the Annual Conference 2018 in Maribor. The new team of ISHA Officials will start their term on 1. August 2018 and last until 31. December 2018.

President: Adam Tuković
Vice-President: Domen Kodrič, Tamara Pataki
Treasurer: Nicole Hanisch
Secretary: Yordana Nikolova

Council: Anselm Logghe, Sonja Erceg, Stefan Shterjov, Matej
Samide, David Kraus, Jan Brack, Eric Jeswein
Webmaster: Matej Samide
Editor: Eric Jeswein
Archivist: Lara Kren
Treasury Supervision: Magdalena Grodzińska, Ioan Stefan Nedeloiu

Current (2017-2018) and future (2018) ISHA Officials

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