Regional seminar 2017 in Maribor

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From 26. to 29. October 2017 ISHA Maribor hosted the first ever ISHA seminar in Maribor, Slovenia. The topic of the seminar was “Ottomans and the Balkans”. The seminar participants came mostly from Ex-Yugo countries, some came from countries that wish they could be Ex-Yugo, and we had some Russians and Belgians as well.

On Thursday participants were driven to the hostel (which got a reward for being the best in Slovenia just a week earlier) by our BMW chauffeur. The Ice-breaking party was pleasantly near the hostel and participant’s singing abilities were tested by a karaoke machine.

Friday began with the Opening Ceremony at the city castle, where we were greeted by Maribor’s high dignitaries and listened to two interesting lectures, followed by some refreshments at the magnificent castle arcade balcony. After lunch we began the four workshops: “The Turks are coming!”, “Sultan, slaves, and everything”, “Culture shock” and “From Karađorđe to Atatürk”. The day concluded with also four pub crawl groups.

Sadly, the seminar was a weekend one and Saturday was already the last day. We began by rounding up the workshops and then proceeded to the Old Synagogue for the Final Conclusion. There we started the first part of the City Tour with a lecture on history of medieval and 20. century Jews in Maribor. After lunch we continued the City Tour. We went started by the river Drava, where the oldest vine in the whole world is grows, continued through the city and the park, and after 20 min climb ended up on the Piramida hill, where we saw the remains of the first “Marchburch” castle and an incredible view of the city and its surroundings. The day ended with a truly amazing NDFP.

ISHA Maribor is very proud to finally organise a seminar in our city. We hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did. Everybody who couldn’t attend and everybody who wants to come back again, we’re already inviting you to the bigger and longer ISHA Annual Conference in April 2018, which will be held in Maribor, co-organised by ISHA Maribor and ISHA Graz.

Viva ISHA!


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