ISHA Zadar’s Adriatic Encounters 2017: a resounding success!

“Hello from the seminar in Zadar”

Day one:

Yesterday a seminar called Adriatic Encounters: Clash of Civilizations started. We had the first positive surprise right at the beginning, when our hosts from ISHA Zadar were waiting for us at the bus station with a Mercedes.
They took us to a very cool hostel right at the main square in the middle of old city. I have never been in a tight yet very comfortable 4-bed room with 11 mirrors in the room.
Strolling the sunny coastline we waited for dinner and the ice breaking party with some clever get-to-know-each-other games.
Today, on Thursday we started of with the opening ceremony which was made pleasant not only by a very interesting key note lecture, but also by perfectly intertwined melodyes of piano and violin.
We spent the rest of the day in the workshops with almost over prepared workshop leaders, who ensured lively debates after presentations.
Now we’re slowly departing on the pub crawl.


Day two:

Wow, what a pub crawl! Yesterday evening we went on a quest to find all the best bars in Zadar. And we were quite successful. The pub crawl games were finally carried out with appropriate seriousness and enthusiasm. You’ll see all the details in the after seminar albums, but for now let me just say this: “The Empire is back!”
Today the program predicted further workshop time, but since most of us were already finished, we changed the location a bit. Imagine yourself finishing up the workshop obligations sitting in a circle on the warmed up stones of a long pier with the sunrays gently caressing your body and the sound of waves and seagulls in the background.
The following city tour was just as awesome. We got to know the beautiful city of Zadar much better, from medieval walls to Roman forum. And of course we visited the Zadar sea organ, a world famous musical instrument, on which only the sea can play.
After that it was time for the Final conclusions. It was just as we like it best, not too short, not too long, and adequatley professional with a touch of wittiness.
For this evening we’re looking forward to the hardest night on a seminar, the National Food and Drinks Party. Let’s hope we’re up for the challenge, because tomorrow we are embarking on a new adventure, but more on that tomorrow.


Day 3

Survived! On NDFP we got to know each other’s culture from a different point of view and after that also in strange neon lights.
Today, on Saturday, the skyes got even clearer and the temperatures even higher. In the morning we took the bus to Paklenica national park and put our stamina to the test. We were hiking for an hour and half through the valley of beautiful mountains not too far from Zadar. We walked on an easy slope in the shade of trees next to a sparkling stream. At the end there were refreshing beverages waiting for us and we enjoyed the sounds of birds and acoustic guitar.
On the way down from the mountain we had the “General Assembly”, where we discussed lively about which country in worst in throwing frisbee.
We are quite sad, that the seminar is coming to an end, but it’s not over yet. We’re soon departing for farewell/beach party.


Day 4

Although the seminar has officially ended, the more seasoned ISHA members found a cure for after-seminar depression. It’s fairly simple. One has to prolong the vacation for a few days, so we did just that. I may sound evil, but it was quite pleasant to watch a bit sad pictures of travelling, while our feet were still in the sea.
The locals were quite shocked when we happily swam in the sea and laid in the sun to the point of almost severe sunburn, because 25℃ is still winter for them.
We left the cool hostel and went to stay with even cooler people from ISHA Zadar. Not only did they offer us a place to stay, but also prepared a second NFDP.
At this point we’d like to express our immense gratitude to all of the organisers of Adriatic Encounters: Clash of Civilisation. Maybe the newbies don’t realise it yet, but, if I put it simply, this is how a perfect seminar should look like.
Thanks again and see you at the next ISHA event.

Reporting from Zadar with tomato-red shoulders,

Domen Kodri
č, council member


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