Welcome to 2017 package!


Dear ISHA Sections, Dear Friends and Colleagues,

There is no better way to start the New Year, but with an ISHA Welcome Package to 2017! ‘This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change’. Indeed, I’m happy to inform you on behalf of the International Board that we have returned from the Christmas Holiday with full of plans and energies to make things better for ISHA in the New Year. But now, I’m writing to share with you some of our recent achievements as part of the ISHA Welcome Package 2017!

1. How to write an abstract? Manual

Great steps have already been taken to improve the academic credibility as an organisation, but our Board would like to continue pushing to raise the academic standard of our events by exploring, studying and sharing new methods and ideas, just as the knowledge of the more experienced ISHA members.

As we promised at the beginning of the term, we would like to give all of our support to ISHA members from their first days all the way through their studies and outside their academic pursuits by providing further academic assistance, like skill based trainings and manuals on such subject as ’how to write abstracts/applications/research plans’ and ‘how to do presentations’.

We are happy to inform you that we’ve just published the first manual (written by Lilla Zámbó) based on the result of the ‘How to write an abstract?’ training held at the ISHA Autumn Seminar 2016 in Berlin, that will help you and other ISHA members to conceptualize and prepare good abstracts.

 Please, use and forward the manual to your friends, colleagues and students.

2. ISHA Equality Survey:

 ISHA is in the process of developing equality and diversity objectives for the coming years. We have already some visions, but we would like to know your views on this topic to help us set these and address your needs. We would like to ask you to fill the following Equality survey form and to forward it to all of the members of your local section: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13xDqmf3L7nWmSWkUqAm4CA6iThSNpGjhWh_rbjYI_7A/viewform?edit_requested=true.

 Some of the questions are sensitive. Please be assured that this questionnaire is confidential and anonymous. If you wish to decline to answer certain questions, that is fine. Accessibility: If you encounter any problems filling out the survey in the current format, please contact Iris Živičnjak; iriszivicnjak@gmail.com. Keep in mind, that we would like to capture this information to see how we could provide better support. All information given here are confidential and anonymous.

 Thank you for taking part in ISHA’s Equality and Diversity Survey and for helping us make ISHA a better place.

3. Online Presence and ISHA: A Short Guide

As you may have noticed ISHA’s online presence has been growing steadily over the past few years. As of this academic year ISHA has its own website (isha-international.org), in addition to a strong presence on different social media platforms such as Facebook (ISHA International), Twitter (@isha.inter) and since very recently Instagram (isha.inter) thanks to Elke Close (Webmaster of ISHA).

Please, find a short guide written by Elke for improving the online presence of ISHA and your local section here.

We would like to ask you to read it carefully and forward it to your colleagues who are dealing with the online visibility of your section.  It is important to realise that when you are creating an online presence for your section – i. e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website –what you can and cannot put online, since one of the goals for the past two years has been the academic improvement of ISHA’s image, there are certain things you should not put online.

4.     ISHA Section’s Contact Details Form:

One of our aims for the coming year is to improve the communication between the International Board and the ISHA sections. But for this, we need your help and input too.

We kindly ask all of you to provide the International Board with your updated contact details and all the important information about your local section by filling this form:


Do not forget to fill your postal address correctly, as we are eager to send to you the new ISHA leaflets for 2017!

5.     New leaflets for 2017!

It is true, the new ISHA 2017 leaflets have been made and it is our great pleasure to present it to you in digital format too, as ISHA stays green. Of course, if your section needs to have the printed version, we will be happy to provide you or your section’s members with them personally on the New Year Seminar in Budapest or by post. Please, send us an email until Monday, 9th of January 2017 with the approx. number of flyers that you would need to the isha.inter@gmail.com email address.

Finally, I would like to thank to Dorottya Bartha (Vice-President of ISHA Budapest) for helping us to make the leaflets and also I would like to take this chance to say a huge thank you to my colleagues from the International Board and Coucil who contributed to this Welcome Package, namely Elke Close, Miriam Eisleb, Iris Živičnjak and Moritz Deininger.

Let me wish you a Happy, Successful and Productive New Year, full of with ISHA events!

 I’m very much looking forward to seeing you on the New Year Seminar in Budapest on the next week.

 Lilla Zámbó

Vice-President 2016-2017

On behalf of the International Board and Council of ISHA


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