Meet the new officials – ISHA Vice-President 2016-2017: Lilla Zámbó

Dear ISHA People,

My name is Lilla Zámbó and I have the honour to be vice-president of ISHA lnternational of 2016/2017. I am in the 3rd year of my PhD in History in Joint Doctorate programme (by benefitting the scholarship of the French Government) between the Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris. My research interests focus on Social, Cultural and Urban History in 19th-20th century, and more precisely on the relations between Cultural Heritage and Identity-building processes. I write my PhD thesis about the Preservation History and ‘Heritagisation’ of Art Nouveau Architecture.
I graduated from the Erasmus Mundus European Master Course TEMA: Identity and Development in 2013 after studying for 2 years in Budapest, Prague and Paris. I have fallen in love with ISHA in the same year and since I’ve been actively participating in the life of the best student association. I immediately joined ISHA Budapest during its re-establishment and the organising committee of the 25th ISHA Annual Conference, Budapest 2014. Furthermore, I’m the former vice-president of the Budapest section president and founding mother of ISHA Paris and one of the main co-ordinators of the ISHA Balaton Seminar and the Paris Extra Seminar.
Besides History and ISHA, I’m passionate about long walks, talks and laughs as well as dancing, watching old French movies, and playing piano that I’ve been practicing for 16 years. I’m very excited about the new term as one of the vice-presidents and I’m ready to continue the great work of the previous officials with the new IB and Council to develop and promote ISHA and to raise its academic standards in 2016-2017.




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