Start of a new ISHA working year: meet the new officials!

As August 1st marks the start of a new ISHA International working year, we have had to say goodbye (and a very big thank you!!) to Daria and her team who have done a wonderful job for the last year! They are followed by this year’s team of officials who are hoping to continue to work hard and amke sure ISHA keeps on growing!

President: Benjamin Harding (ISHA Kent)

Vice Presidents: Giles Connolly (ISHA Kent)
Lilla Zámbó (ISHA Paris)

Secretary: Miriam Eisleb (ISHA Berlin)
Treasurer: Hannes Tabatt (ISHA Berlin)
Council: Moritz Deininger (ISHA Graz)
Tereza Lyčková (ISHA Olomouc)
Klara Schwalbe (ISHA Berlin)
Vincent Regente (ISHA Berlin)
Domen Kodrič (ISHA Maribor)
Iris Živičnjak (ISHA Zagreb)
Editor-In-Chief: Alexandra Leonzini (ISHA Berlin)
Archivist: Georg Gänser (ISHA Vienna)
Webmaster: Elke Close (ISHA Edinburgh)
Good luck!

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