Officials for Academic Year 2016/2017 elected

The ISHA Annual Conference 2016 in Canterbury by ISHA Kent has ended. We thank the organizing team and all participants for a great week! The General Assembly elected the following team of Officials for the term 2016-17, which starts on the 1st of August.

President: Benjamin Harding

Vice Presidents: Giles Connolly and Lilla Zámbó

Secretary: Miriam Eisleb

Treasurer: Hannes Tabatt

Council: Moritz Deininger, Tereza Lyčková, Klara Schwalbe, Vincent Regente, Domen Kodrič, Iris Živičnjak

Webmaster: Elke Close

Editor-In-Chief: Alexandra Leonzini

Archivist: Georg Gänser

Treasury Supervisor: Lottie Brouwer, Maria Sonnleither

The current International Board congratulates the newly elected and will soon start the Handover progress as well as finish projects we took on until the end of our term 2015-16.
We thank all Candidates for their commitment to ISHA.


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