ISHA Vienna organized regional workshop: [eh]rinnerungskultur

From 11. till 12. March 2016, ISHA Vienna organized a regional workshop on memory culture in Austria. Read their report here!

„eh“ is an Austrian expression meaning anything from „yes, I absolutely agree“ to „well yes, but we both know this isn`t really true!”. It doesn`t exist in German(y) and is so quintessentially Austrian, that we decided to take it into the title of our regional Workshop, which was about the (very) Austrian way of dealing with it`s difficult past.

ISHA Vienna_2016
Group Picture Regional Workshop 2016

The workshop started with a tour by Mr. Dr. Richard Hufschmied (ÖAW) through the Äußere Burgtor on the Heldenplatz, which houses not only the memorial of Austrian soldiers, but also of people who died as freedom fighters. Afterwards we visited the Desserteursdenkmal (memorial of deserters) and the memorial for the victims of the Jewish community.

The second day started with theoretic input about remembrance culture and collective memory, as well as about the End of the Second World War in Austria. A group work focussed on other examples of Austrian remembrance culture, which got presented, contextualised and discussed. In the afternoon Elisabeth Ben David-Hindler joined us and talked about her initiative “Steine der Erinnerung” and her very own experience with and interpretation of the Holocaust.

Many thanks to ISHA Graz for inspiring and joining us on this wonderful weekend, but also to the many motivated members of ISHA Vienna and also to the Austrian Student Union (ÖH) whose funding helped a lot!

article by: ISHA Vienna


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