Call for Papers: “Migration from a global perspective”

The Global Histories: A Student Journal is calling for new articles on the subject of “migration from a global perspective” until 30th of April, 2016.

Global Histories is a student-run open access journal based in the MA Global History programme at Humboldt University and Free University in Berlin, Germany.  For their June edition, the journal is looking for submissions on the topic of migration from a global perspectivefrom fellow students across the world.

The topic of migration has dominated public debate in recent years.

Patterns of migration may pose challenges to national self-perception, indeed, to concepts of nationalism itself. Debates surrounding the current so-called ‘crisis’ of refugees in Europe also tend to overlook the trajectories of migrants from their countries of origin to a wide variety of destinations. A global history perspective allows us to critically re-examine these claims, and provides an alternative framework for contextualising migration flows as well as analysing the causes and impact of such phenomena from a historical, trans-regional perspective.

National bureaucratic structures and modern nation-states can widely affect migration patterns and strategies, just as migration can affect nation-states and their bureaucratic structures. However, the process itself can function independently of national constraints. How can historians address these issues without replicating eurocentric perspectives and teleological narratives?

If you are interested, send your abstracts until 30th April 2016. Article submissions should be between 5000-7000 words and written in English.

For more information visit the website here or check our the author’s guidelines here!


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